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Teaching your kids

by Mario Jimenez, MD, MBA on 12/02/11

One of the hardest things that parents face today is having the time and the patience to help their kids with their homework. But rest assure, this is a perfectly normal situation that most parents go through. You may ask yourselves why this happens? My best advice as a parent is to take a few minutes to meditate and analyze the situation.

Some tips that may help improve your kids success are:

1. Set a goal and define your strategy.
2. Avoid giving your child reasons for making excuses.
3. Help improve their self-esteem and confidence by letting them get the answers to the questions on their own, this will also help them built their trust and will encourage independent growth.
4. Make sure you check their answers at the end and go over corrections when needed.
5.Be enthusiastic and set the right mood.
6. Patiently listen to your child when they are having difficulty with their homework.

In the end one of the most important things that we need to have as a parent is patience. Please remember that each child is unique and that some may require more time and attention than others.

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